Since I've had many requests for them, I'm putting these files here on my site.

Comments are welcome, but realistically, they're not where I'm focusing my efforts.   In other words, they're worth what you paid for them! :-)


This is update code from my November 2001 MSDN column.  Source and a release build binary are included.  This .ZIP file contains a .BAT file for building the sources from the command line.  The included binaries were built with .NET 1.1, so if you're still on 1.0, you'll want to rebuild the program yourself.


This is another code sample to accompany my March 2002 MSDN column.  Source and a release build binary are included.  Basically, it shows off how to call some of the new DBGHELP 5.1 Symbol and Type APIs.   It's a command line program that takes a DLL as input, and does a pretty thorough job of dumping out all sorts of symbol information about the DLL.   The PDB file for the DLL must be present for this program to work.


LIBCTINY is a cool replacement run time library that lets you create incredibly small EXEs and DLLs.  Read how LIBCTINY does this in the January 2001 issue of MSDN magazine.

This has a bug fix for command line processing in GUI applications.   I haven't yet added the code to do constructor/destructor initialization in ANSI specified order.  This isn't an issue for most people.


This was one of my favorite MSJ articles that outlines how EXEs and DLLs are needlessly bigger than they need to be.  The original article text is still online here.


This is updated code from my October 2000 MSDN article, Avoiding DLL Hell: Introducing Application Metadata in the Microsoft.NET Framework.

The project is a Visual Studio 6.0 project, but it should import into VS.NET.

Conceptually, not much has changed, so the original article is still the documentation.

Code From Windows 95 System Programming Secrets

Enjoy these programs, but realize that they're not my most current code.  I know they're far from perfect.

Original Windows 95 System Program Secrets Disk

This code is completely unsupported.  I make no claims to it working on anything other than Windows 95.


Updated PEDUMP

Be sure to read Readme.txt!


Updated APISPY32

Be sure to read Readme.txt!

It now works with executables that have their IAT merged into read-only data sections.  I've run it successfully on Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

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